Poster Children for Easter: Love, Peace & the Revolutionary Food Trip.


Love, Peace & Ice Cream?

Think the real exacting memory of receiving this via email – while i was on a “time-out, think about” visit to folks in Canada in 2010 was marked by: What am i doing all the way here?

And this exact thought appears at Easter, 4 years later.

Think the real amount of work in between happens not in figuring out what had happened, tracing and placing blame where it’s due. But possibly in the positive: placing credit where it’s due. The real credit goes to the War veterans, of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

As this is written on A Black Saturday, the sturdy aim is to be able to renew, replenish, and understand what had gone on in one’s (half-year, but since last Easter), review the climb to that goal that you placed before you, when you last saw yourself. I have precisely 5 hours to Easter and this is all i came up with – in the fray, and in the assault of poverty – of time, of companionship, of real intimacy and sincerity of people. Whatever has happened in the past that has become a huge thorn on the side, has now (just like Jesus’ wound on the cross) borne the requisite water that we thirst of.

When things get really complicated, and we don’t have people to venture out with – in any real area of life, there is always something to look back to, and find that it replenishes us: whether it’s a relationship that’s always a Life Line (grandmothers, friends, baristas, dj’s) whose life and friendship mattered and made its requisite impact, there will always be something to look back upon in times of what Christ experienced in the desert.

My real wish this Easter is for no one to experience “this”, in its entirety, but also that it may turn into real Water for whoever does. And that you are bestowed upon the grace and life that allows you to process, understand & remember that Christ never wishes you to bear that Cross alone.

May the Love and suffering of Christ bring you light, and love, and peace.
Happy Easter Everyone! 🙂


Author: @KrisSn

Mobile micro-blogger at #treptrips, #thesocialthink, and other dot mobi blogs. ;P

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