The evening post.

The Monocle Weekly – Edition 251 by M24: The Monocle Weekly on Mixcloud

Sometime ago, there’d be a ritual of reading papers in the morning with coffee, write a menu for lunch, and planning / cooking a dinner for the evening. When all that’s been reduced by a stroke of fire, or technology replaces the paper with tablets, and the menu recipe book with a blog, the evening empties into a listening to a podcast or a video of sorts – where we get tuned in and streamed into a play of occupation and standby-fixed interactions with your deejays or podcast-jocks to understate the back and frothing of discussion and opinions. Like a tennis match for your ears, only the love scores, and stays in-bound.


Author: @KrisSn

Mobile micro-blogger at #treptrips, #thesocialthink, and other dot mobi blogs. ;P

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