Consuming Media.

Today, i am mixing culturally rich media that pings what digital society looks like, while crossing the pedestrian crossing at Somerset, to get some the-Thursday-before-May-day coffee.

1) Social Physics by HBR – Harvard Business Review analytics was

2) Startup Sleepio wins. (No more insomniacs!) – A Wired UK win against insomnia by Peter Hames.

3) Monocle 24, played via Mixcloud. – Andrew Tuck & Robert Bound reviews positions on the Kama Sutra, & a mental juggle on gems.

4) Skyscanner pods about love, all the way round the world. The four  podcasters have a funny chat-about on their holiday romance.

5) My Medium post on the 7 different platforms we can reach out with. I guess this sums up on the how, more than the why, we reach out – and converse, and reach out with all the chat-about applications.

Have a great week, and become what you are – determining it as you go along,  (or if you have it pre-determined, great wonders!) and be one with everyone else, having a go with an adventure called Life, during their given lifetimes, and having the say-so and the ten-minute contribute towards the global accrue to a collective thing we call Culture.

#Hashtag #Smashing #Culture


Author: @KrisSn

Mobile micro-blogger at #treptrips, #thesocialthink, and other dot mobi blogs. ;P

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