Très bon lèvres teintées de sucre. Plural. (“XX,)

I think this song says it best. Lips like sugar. Sugar kisses. xx

That means, that when Justine was born this day xx years ago, there became another like mine. And when they are put to good use, they can either inspire, maim, destroy or live to tell the tale.  When obliterated by blind beliefs, they mean nothing but words will always understand that they will always put forth the concept to mind, and relay this very effectively.

Aiming to do good will always take courage, and understand what it means to rely on the fate of our gifts. These things were tethered meaningfully to do a variant amount of good – and bring fruition to whatever evil that needs to get balanced. So when you recognise your gifts, you will be able to fulfill what they had meant to bring forth. This is going to take a huge amount of sussing out what exactly these are – whether brought about by conscious profession, accidentally by a meaningful event in life, or a grave situation that nearly devastates but brings forth a lull in the growth of a person. All these, tragic and happy at the same time – were meant to complete what we need in order to become who we are.

We just need to help ourselves in its upbringing and care. When we nurture our talents, our understanding of what makes us be, we in turn nurture ourselves. And this will always create a great filling of a void that consumes us when we have nothing. Or realise that the perception of nothing – was just a mere blinding to the perpetuation of being, and then, in being something.

All these words, dripped very sweetly – enunciated slowly will be consumed very mindfully, and responsibly. So those sugar kisses are a mark to life. Life will always be perpetuated with meaning, and today, this ends with a very greek and geek meaning to live every moment well – and mark it with a greeting and a parting, with a proper closing.

Sugar kisses, xx.


The evening post.

The Monocle Weekly – Edition 251 by M24: The Monocle Weekly on Mixcloud

Sometime ago, there’d be a ritual of reading papers in the morning with coffee, write a menu for lunch, and planning / cooking a dinner for the evening. When all that’s been reduced by a stroke of fire, or technology replaces the paper with tablets, and the menu recipe book with a blog, the evening empties into a listening to a podcast or a video of sorts – where we get tuned in and streamed into a play of occupation and standby-fixed interactions with your deejays or podcast-jocks to understate the back and frothing of discussion and opinions. Like a tennis match for your ears, only the love scores, and stays in-bound.